Value Statement

The Kinsella family crest of the Lion and Wheat sheaves embodies the philosophy of Kinsella Wealth Management, Strength through Prosperity. With over 45 years of investment experience Kinsella Wealth Management has guided clients through no less than seven recessions. In that time we have retained capital and grown assets with a conservative balanced approach. This has allowed our clients to meet or exceed their investment expectations and goals while providing peace of mind.

Value Proposition

  • 45 years advising experience
  • Have guided client’s assets through seven recessions. Experience that will be applied to your unique situation.
  • Will help guide you to successful completion of your financial goals i.e. retirement, home purchase, business building, saving for education. As I have for others.
  • Regular annual or bi-annual reviews or as needed of your portfolio and unique situation.
  • Access to investment fund data to assess Risk and performance for your assets-adjust portfolio accordingly.
  • Direct client access by you to your accounts with daily data feeds.
  • Administration of all your paperwork, opening accounts-transfers, wire orders, address changes – account changes, beneficiary changes- your client data feeds.
  • Personal assessment of your portfolio tailor made to meet risk tolerance and financial goals of your unique situation.
  • Written recommendations for your financial goals and how to best achieve these goals.
  • Consolidation of your various investment accounts to simplify your life.
  • Six month custom statements to review progress
  • Quarterly access to web-based Solutions Magazine.
  • Full disclosure of fees/remuneration.