The Psychologist

Patrick was first recommended to me in 1999 by a trusted friend. Before I had been introduced to Patrick, my saving’s portfolio was a grim one. Past experience with a stockbroker, another “money manager” and a large bank had led to losses of many thousands of dollars because of their poor planning, bad investments, neglect of my file and overly high risk choices by them (using my money).

Since signing up with Patrick and the Manulife group, my situation began to change for the better almost immediately. Patrick makes a strong and consistent effort to acquaint himself with my real saving needs and then responsibly follows through. He takes his money counselling work seriously and is available to me whenever I have any questions. With Patrick’s personal hard work on my behalf my savings grew, even during distressing fluctuations in the stock market over the past 14 years. I’ve always found Patrick to be reliable, trustworthy, believable and available. Through his customer dedication, and his considerable wealth management skills, he successfully marshalled me into my current retirement. At last, my constant worry of “losing everything” has been replaced by the support of evidence-based money security. Thank you Patrick and Manulife.

Alvin S., PhD.


The Administrator

I receive excellent advice and have more options that I ever realized. Even if your investments get a late start, all is not lost……



The Entrepreneurs

Patrick has been our financial manager for many years and has proven to be a trusted advisor.

The value that he has provided with his services gives us the security in knowing that we don’t have to monitor our portfolio on a constant basis. We know we are being well looked after.

We are extremely pleased with his services and have recommended him on numerous occasions.

Ron W. & Patricia L.

The Quality Assurance Analyst

My wife and I have had the privilege of dealing with Pat as our financial advisor for well over 10 years. We have consistently found Pat to be of good ethical character warranting our trust. Pat gives you straight forward honest answers. He does not get caught up with the market hype be it going up or down or the latest investment gimmick. He has good pragmatic discernment of both his investment products and the market.

Pat has consistently provided us excellent customer service and very much delights in seeing clients prosper under his guidance. This gives him a great deal of personal satisfaction. You can tell Pat enjoys his work and and is committed to doing his best in what he does…

We would certainly recommend Pat’s expertise to anyone looking for assistance with their own financial planning.

Very best regards,
Neil and Judy


The Fitness Instructor

I met Pat Kinsella about 8 years ago at the time I was helping my elderly mother with her investments. She had extremely safe investments, but was not making any money. He suggested how we should invest it. My mother was set in her ways and did not want to do anything different. Pat could have easily have called me and try to convince me but he never did.

He has always let me make investments when I have been ready to do them. He has been very helpful and always has researched every possible investment thoroughly before letting me make the final decision to go ahead. Pat is definitely someone you can trust investing your money.